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Rustic Kitchen REMODEL

You know it's time for a make over...when your small kitchen can no longer afford you the luxury of being cook! And that is what inspired our client to take the next step in remodeling this kitchen.

Small but cozy, the existing cabinets in this kitchen were old, outdated and offered zero organization. The kitchen, was the one area for all the family gatherings, and the cook, "Mr. Mc" desired a buffet style counter and table top area to arrange all the family recipes.

What I loved most about this project, was how the pantry was easily added to right end of the room, for additional food storage and all the organizers within the cabinets that created usable space. The added bay window with framed wood was also ideal for showcasing herbs, succulents and collectables.

You would never believe that this stunning space was actually a modular home nestled in the country side!