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Sierra Vista Rancheros REMODEL

It was called Project Recovery. A two year project for the Hirsh Residence located in prominent historical part of Las Vegas - Nevada. Project Recovery was a complete remodel to the 1st and 2nd level floors. Originally built in 1968, this custom home had a traditional colonial style exterior with white paint, black shutters and columns. The house needed a complete remodel and look, due to underground pipes that had corroded underneath the kitchen area causing to sink nearly 3” inches. When we first arrived to the project site, the home was in its first stage of surveying to factor how a new foundation would be poured.(see before photos below) Rather then completely demolish the house, a second option was decided by the soils engineer and client. Hydrolic-lifts were placed underneath the frame, and a new 12” thick foundation was poured.

Diva Interior Concepts was then commissioned to transform the interior living space into a stylish classic contemporary feel. Our client, the homes third generation owner wanted to keep certain features that were still apart of its heritage, so we chose to restore the brick wood burning fireplace, the original Swarovski Crystal Chandelier, and the wrought iron stair case now painted black.

A color palette that consisted of shades of grey, taupe, Artic snow whites, golden yellows with black accents now became the theme. Blended white marble tile, blue-grey mosaics, and wood porcelain tile covered the floors and shower surrounds. White Quartz counter-tops paired with Espresso brown cabinets and acrylic white finishes added to the modernization of the space while creating a fresh new look. A space that once felt closed-in and cramped, due to short 8’ foot ceilings, now felt wide open and functional. Lighting fixtures played a key role in creating mood and offering artful decor.

This project is now entering its next phase of completion with decor items such as drapery, wall art, and textiles that will offer additional accents of color and blend with the clients existing antique furniture.