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Refresh Your Room Decor

July 13, 2023
Refresh Your Room Decor

You are mid-way through summer and its time to "Refresh Your Room Decor"! I don't know about you...but everything now and then I like to give my home or office a little change decoration or color scheme. In todays segment, I am going to discuss just a few of those techniques that you can do that are cost effective and make a huge difference, such as:

  • Window Coverings: Drapery Panels
  • Accents: Pillows - Candles - Vases
  • Area Rugs
  • Foliage: Wall - Floor - Table Top - Floor Plants
  • Floral: Artificial and Natural
  • Paint: Wall Decor - Old Furniture - Window Casing


Adding fabric to any window will always a "pop" of color. The drapery doesn't have to be functional, as it can be a stationary panel. The most cost effective way to search for drapery that is already fabricated with pleats for hooks or grommets so that it can easily slide through the hardware. I don't recommend drapery with a "pocket" because it looks very cheap. There are many retailers online or thru us that offer semi-custom drapery panels in a variety of fabric blends, patterns and prints. Some of the retailers also offer coordinating pillows, throws and bedding - which will help you complete your look. When resourcing, choose fabrics such as linens, cottons and poly blends that will drape well. And be sure to review which direction that particular room faces, such as sunlight beating through - because a non-lined drapery panel will be slowly deuterate in the heat. *NOTE: these are quick cost effective techniques - however some retailers and myself due have options for inner lining on semi-custom drapes*


Accenting your space with items such as pillows, candles and ceramic vases is where you can really get creative with color! Pillows are again an inexpensive way to really add "pizzaz" to your bed, sofa or arm chair. I like to use this formula when selecting pillow accents. (1 -Solid / 1 - Print / 1 Texture) all three need to coordinate within the color pallet. I also like to use fabrics that are made with either cotton, linen, chenille, polyester, faux suede feel. I love the look and feel of soft velvet, but if you have pets, it will attract the hair and dirt like crazy. Look for pillow covers with zippers that can easily be washed and inserted with a goose down fill. It is much easier to fluff goose down that a poly fill pillow. *NOTE: I stay away from fabrics like silk, because they easily absorb oils from your hair and show staining.*

Candles in all shapes, forms and scents are delightful when wanting to add a refreshing scent and added color. Tall glass hurricane vases can be placed around the room or on a table with extras decorative elements such as sand, beads or moss inside. Candles are offer ambience in the evening, especially during those romantic nights.

Ceramic, glass, metal or iron vases are everywhere in every retail establishment possible from the Goodwill to Antique Store, local garage sale or TJ Maxx. I like to shop for vases at Home Goods or At Home - because they offer such a variety in styles. When using placement try to find vases that offer height differences in placements of either 2 or 3 pieces. More than three can become too crowded look junky and can be a dust collector.


Area rugs is my favorite decor item to a room partially because of the value and also because of the inspiration that I can pull for ideas from the other shades. Area rugs come in several types of yarn blends, such as wool, polypropylene, leather and silk. The can be hand-knotted, hand-tufted, hand-woven and machine woven. Depending on the area of placement will depend on the what product you will want to use and purchase. Jute is fantastic for outdoor areas - while wool is perfect for dining or entertaining spaces because it repels liquid. When looking for inspiration in a space, I will sometimes start with the area rug selection.

*NOTE: If buying online, always purchase a sample size rug first, because the pixelation on the compute will be completely different from the actual yarns used in the product.


Adding foliage throughout any room will always be one the best decoration tricks to can use. Now, I understand fully that not everyone has a "green thumb" and can care for plants. This is where the artificial plants can be of best use for you. I have even combined both natural and artificial plants in one planter. For example, a tall floor plant. I used an artificial trunk and limbs and I put a natural philodendron plant at the base and the plant leaves grew over the pot. It was just stunning. I have taken clippings from my naturals plants, and placed them in a large glass hurricane vase with colorful sand and added a lively "beta" fish inside with water. This makes a wonderful centerpiece to any table. When shopping a local retailer stores, you most likely will need to dress up some the plants in planter boxes because the bases are never the best value. You can adjust each floor, table top or wall plant with adding extra foliage stems or floral pieces. Hobby Lobby usually has the best selection and offer constant sales. They also have fabulous seasonal products.

Which leads me into the next area - florals.


As an avid gardener, I love my florals - be it roses, calla lilies, sunflowers and black eye daisy's. However, the life expectancy is very short lived - and this is when you substitute artificial florals for natural ones. An example of where to do this ....the hanging wreath on the front door, the table top vases placed throughout the home or maybe the wall hangings or the potpourri in the bathroom. I have evened incorporated artificial florals with my natural flowers - in my hanging pots on the patio. Of course, the birds love this!


Oh my, here we go again with paint! Such an inexpensive way to decorate. Choose a color, any color and show off your personality repainting old furniture, a unique wall decor piece, molding or door and window casings in your home.

I just finished a project where the client and I painted the casings a fun vibrant color. It turned out so interesting that we kept on painting other items such as a piece of wood wall art that we found at a second had store. We also decided to paint the dining room table set, a shade of Black. I was so astonished with the end result.

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