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Organizers: Storage Solutions

September 21, 2023
Organizers Storage Solutions


Why is it important to promptly return phone calls and emails? Whether you are a professional or you own business, timely responses to new inquiries is a must in any business. This is a "pet peeve" of mine, when calling an individual or business. All too often these days, it seems as though you have to "chase" companies in order to get a call back. If you are doing this, that business does not need your business or feels that you are a valuable customer. Take this signal as a warning, because if they cant call you as an inquiry - they most certainly wont contact you when there is an issue.

On this weeks show segment - I am going to discuss Organizers for cabinets and closets. Organization plays a key role in any home or business. Whether you are replacing your cabinets or just adjusting the existing ones you have - organizing your Kitchen, Bathroom and Closet will help you save money and limit stress on a day to day tasks.

If you are anything like me or just human, you probably buy things over and over again at the store, that you forgot or found deep in a closet or cabinet. This is why getting organized is the key to saving money. Store and purchase only the things you need. And as for stress, knowing where items are placed when attempting to finish a task, is a big relief than searching endlessly throughout the space.

When it comes to organizers there are so many options to help you "GET ORGANIZED". Today, I am going to list as many points possible within this segment, but I also wanted to inform you that during the month of October, are related topics for discussion will be "Aging in gracefully in Place". I will go deeper in to explaining the why organization will assist you and your family.

Prior to starting, you will need to determine what type of cabinet you have, for example, do you have a standard or full overlay door? This is crucial because of the frame. If you are purchasing new cabinets, some cabinet or closet manufacturers have several organizer options that you can specify at the time of your design. I have posted below two weblinks so that you can review what organizer will work best.


  • Full Height "no wiggle" pullout with adjustable two shelves for either a base or wall cabinet. I specify this product in every kitchen design because its perfect for items at different heights. I usually put this organizer next the either side of the range or above next the hood. It can hold oils, spices, other canned goods for that easy reach when you're cooking.
  • Wood Bottom Mount Trash Can - the essential element for waste and recycling and by far the most popular. This wood bottom soft close mount will handle the weight of the garbage verses the other types of pull outs offered.
  • Blind Corner Swingout - Bending down, reaching into a small tiny space is really not enjoyable for any one at any age or height. This item turns that dead space into a fully functional reachable storage. The draw back is that the mechanisms will take more space than the average shelf.
  • Roll Outs Drawers - come in several variations that can be placed under a sink cabinet for cleaning products, or a base cabinet to store cookware, bottles, tupperware and more. I have specified these types of organizers also in Bar Spaces to hold liquor bottles. Many of my clients like roll out drawers under vanity sinks as well. This takes away the constant bending over.
  • Cutlery Drop-in will keep the junk drawer to a minimum. This is simple, just drop into drawer and this is trimmable . Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom and office.
  • Vanity Grooming insert - this will be installed again with a full height cabinet door or a horizontal drawer and you will need confirm if you have a GFI outlet behind the cabinet or if you need to add one. Storing hot appliances, such as curling irons, blow dryers or even the electric shaver will be set into metal bins. This cabinet also has two fixed shelves to store items
  • Charging Station with Dividers - referred to as a charging drawer this item can charge all your devices within one space. Again, you will need to confirm if there is GFI location behind the cabinet or if you need to install one.

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