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Kitchen Remodel: Where to Start

April 17, 2023
Kitchen Remodel Where to Start

With interest rates soaring, the desire to build or purchase that new home just isn't an option. So, you have decided to remodel your current Kitchen, but where do you start?

In this topic, I am going to share with you these important points on "where to start" and how to achieve that desired space before you find your budget depleted and a project that is NOT what you envisioned.

First and foremost, you need to make a list of things you love and hate about this Kitchen?

  • 1. Things like storage and organization. Drawers, Wall & Base Cabinets
  • 2. Does it have proper lighting? Task and Undercabinet - Motion Sensors
  • 3. Can you prepare and cook the items you love?
  • 4. How do you entertain in this space?
  • 5. Is the space to small? Can you open the space? Remove walls, relocate plumbing & electrical fixtures?
  • 6. What about your appliances? Do they have the newest features?
  • 7. Will you be replacing the flooring and backsplash?
  • 8. What style do you love? Farmhouse, Rustic, Transitional, Contemporary

Secondly, now you need to gather images of some kitchen's you love. I like to use because I can pull images of kitchen's from all over the world. This is fabulous outlet whereas you can share your ideas with your contractor and kitchen designer. This website is totally free of charge, and will also show pricing on some featured items. I always recommend this to my clients upon that first consultation. It very easy to create an account and it's free. Once your account is created, and you have profile, start an IDEADBOOK by saving images. You can use the search menu under spaces, specific areas such as a city or state or just add defined words, like "white shaker cabinets", or rustic kitchens.

When searching for images, don't always try to look for the perfect kitchen space, or you may be on this site for hours. Instead, look for items within the space, whereas you can relay those items to the designer or contractor you maybe working with on your project. Items like the door style, the lighting fixture, the tile backsplash or the countertop edge detail. Once you SAVE your image, (notice the heart ICON) you can then type notes under the images. And once you have gathered all your images and reference notes, you SHARE this file with your friends, family and other by just entering their email.

Ok, so you have gathered all these images of this dream kitchen ....but now you'll need to understand what some of those things will cost. I like to use a website called by Fergusons. It has appliances, plumbing fixtures, lighting and even tile products. It's simple to use and I recommend starting the same process. See these steps below:

  • CREATE an Account (free of charge)
  • CREATE a Name Your Project (do not save your items in the cart) otherwise you will be unable to invite others or share you project.

*NOTE: A Green box will appear when you have SAVED an item*

You have gathered your information, done some research and you're now ready to meet with a designer and contractor. With all the data you have collected, sharing your vision and speaking the industry language - will better assist you in finding the right products for your budget and connect you with a professional!

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