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Creating Elemental Fusion

June 29, 2023
Creating Elemental Fusion

This week segment we will discuss our design concept Elemental Fusion and "how to create" the concept within your space.

I will explain the definition of Elemental Fusion and discuss the fundamentals of Design Elements and Earth Elements like the following:

  • Balance
  • Texture
  • Color
  • Function
  • Form
  • Pattern
  • Light

Earth Elements: Water | Fire | Air | Space | Earth

So, what is Elemental Fusion? To best way to describe this concept - it is the fusion of design elements with earth elements in order to create a tranquil living space. Your living space should be a place where you can relax from work, entertain family and friends and indulge in your favorite hobbies. A well-designed space doesn't have to be expensive, it just needs to be organized, function well, and offer a balance in color, texture and pattern. A space should also feature elements such as plants, water features, fire elements, and open air. To further explain these fundamentals, lets break down each element.


Balance is created by not having too much or too little of one item. For example, finishes such as metal, wood and color. Over abundance in these items can create a negative influence on your energy or how you function on a day-to-day basis.


Texture in items such as wall coverings, fabrics, and accents give "life" to the room by adding that details - and also assist balance.


Color is the most important element of all and I have spoke of this in the past segments and Blogs in regards to how color will effect your emotions, energy and well being. Certain shades, tones, and colors give reaction to your behavior, some colors can be energetic, relaxing, depressing, healing and should be used in ways to how you will function in that space.


Function is how best described in how you flow through the space. It your space crowded? For example, in a Kitchen - you use a triangle shape to move from each point such as the sink, to the stove and then to the refrigerator. Your lifestyle will also implement this concept. What about have to bend over into those cabinets, or hard to reach areas? What about the electronics and how you view or listen to those items. Are the placed in properly within the area?


Form can be described against several items in the space such as accents. (vases, wall art, furniture) Are the objects appropriate for the room or are they too large, too small - or awkward? I love this example of home I had to redesign. The client was a hunter, and had all his trophy animals hung throughout the living room staring at you from every angle, wherever you sat. His wife was so distraught and it was causing them to argue over the discomfort in their relationship as well as when they tried to entertain. The stories they could share!


Patterns can be coordinated with textures and colors. You can best bring these all together with fabrics, textiles such as area rugs & pillows wall art or tapestries, and window coverings. Rule of thumb should be one solid, one texture, one pattern that coordinates and blends.


Proper lighting be it artificial or natural should be used in all spaces and rooms. I also spoke of this in the past Blogs. Decorative light fixtures can be jewelry to the room and should be used in a stacked method by using floor & table lamps, with overhead ceiling cans and or undercabinet lighting or lite wall features for soffits, wall art etc.


If you take moment to look around within your space, you will see many of the earth elements such as wood, foliage and how the windows introduce the sunlight. For those elements in which you might now have - you will use products to introduce those basics such as:

  • Water: Water features (water falls) or Aquariums
  • Fire: Fireplaces built-in or Wall - Candles
  • Air: Windows or Scents
  • Earth: Wood Tables, Plants
  • Space: Placement of Objects (two's & three's)

For more information on our concept, please email us directly. We always love to hear from our listeners and would love to have your feedback or questions on our radio show.

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